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                                            Famous SAEs

Alumni of Sigma Alpha Epsilon can be found all over the place in society. To see just a few of the people who have become leaders after graduation, select a field and it will bring you to the names of SAEs who have exceled in that area.

 SAE leaders in the arts
Glenn Ballard, Emmy Award-winning record producer
Beau Bridges, actor
Lloyd Bridges, actor
Eraldo Carugati, artist
David Clemmons, stage actor and singer
David Connell, musician with the Connells
Mike Connell, musician with the Connells
Roger Corman, motion picture producer
Jim Dunne, composer and producer
Sam Elliot, actor
William Faulkner, Pullitzer Prize winning author
Carmen Finestra, television producer
Terry Gilliam, actor and producer
Sheldon Hackney, chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities
Bobby Hatfield, musician with the Righteous Brothers
Jim Ibbotson, musician with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
John Jakes, author
David McFadzean, television producer
Walker Percy, author
Grant Shaud, actor
Fred Savage, actor
Hal Shmykus, author
Andy Sidaris, motion picture director
David Spade, actor
Pete Taylor, Pullitzer Prize winning author
Kevin Tighe, actor
Bobby Troupe, actor
Rudy Vallee, actor
Bob Waterman, author
Robert Woods, actor
Robert Young, actor
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 SAE leaders in business
Michael Andreas, vice chairman of Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.
Donald Beall, president of Rockwell International
Norman Blake, CEO of USF&G Corp.
J. Donald Bowers, vice president of United Airlines
Doug Burgum, president/CEO of Great Plains Software
Roger Crouch, founder of MNX Transport Co.
Cecil Day, owner of Days Inn
Richard Duchossois, owner of Arlington International Racecourse
Tom DuPree, CEO of Appleby's South Restaurants
David Garrett, chair of Delta Airlines
John J. Gillin, V.P. of Coca Cola
Walter Hanson, CEO of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell, and Co.
James Hembree, president of Dow Chemical / Canada
Thomas J. Kalinske, CEO of SEGA of America
Phillp Knox, V.P. and General Counsel to Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Tony Lama, founder of Tony Lama Boots
Richard LeFauvre, president of Saturn Car Corporation
Richard Morrow, president and CEO of Amoco Corp.
Bill Osborn, CEO of Northern Trust Bank
T. Boone Pickens, chair of Mesa Petroleum
David Scott, chair of Allis Chalmers
L. Edwin Smart, CEO and chair of Trans World Airline
Chris Sullivan, CEO of Outback Steakhouse
E. Lawrence Tabat, chairman of Dictaphone Corp.
William Young, chair of the Royal Crown Corp.
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 SAE leaders in education
Neal Berte, president of Birmingham-Southern College
Milton Eisenhower, president of Kansas State University, Penn State, and Johns Hopkins
Thomas Hearn, president of Wake Forest University
Stephen Jennings, president of Simpson College
Gary Ransdell, president of Western Kentucky University
Richard Riley, former US Secretary of Education
J. Harvey Saunders, president of Westminster College
Robert Wagner, president of South Dakota State University
Frederick Widdon, president of the University of South Alabama
Samuel Williamson, president of the University of the South
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 SAE leaders in law enforcement
Elliot Ness, FBI official responsible for bringing down Al Capone
William M. Rathburn, Security Director for the 1996 Olympics
Jerry Sanders, San Diego chief of police
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 SAE leaders in the media
Bill Allen, executive vice president for MTM Television
Dave Campbell, sports broadcaster
George Gallup, pollster
Ernie Harwell, sports broadcaster
Bob Goen, Host of Entertainment Tonight
Phillip Howlett, publisher of Sports Illustrated
Chet Huntley, TV news anchor
Kenley Jones, TV correspondant
James Kilpatrick, sydnicated columnist
John Palmer, TV news anchor
Ross Porter, sports broadcaster
James Quello, chair of the Federal Communications Commission
Hughes Rudd, TV correspondant
Larry Sorenson, sports broadcaster
Louis Weill, publisher of TIME magazine
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 SAE leaders in the military
Joe Foss, WWII flying ace and former governor of South Dakota
Frank Kelso, commander-in-chief of the US Atlantic Fleet
Ernie Pyle, WWII war correspondant
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 SAE leaders in politics
Bill Archer, US Representative
Haley Barbour, chair of the Republican Party
Max Baucus, US Senator
Doug Bereuter, US Representative
David Bonior, US Representative
William Brock, former US Secretary of Labor
Jay Dickey, US Representative
Peter Dominici, US Senator
Thomas Ewing, US Representative
George Gekas, US Representative
Paul Gillmor, US Representative
David Hobson, US Representative
Fob James, Governor of Alabama
Kenneth James, Candian House of Commons
Don Johnson, US Representative
Gary Johnson, Governor of New Mexico
William McKinley, 25th President of the United States
Connie Mack, US Senator
H. Ross Perot, Jr., founder of United We Stand
Larry Pressler, US Senator
David Pryor, US Senator
Ralph Regula, US Representative
Patrick Robertson, Religious Right leader
Joseph M. Rodgers, former ambassador to France
Sig Rogich, Ambassador to Iceland
Richard Russell, US Senator
Charles Stenholm, US Representative
Lars Tobisson, deputy chair of the Swedish Moderate Party
Jim Guy Tucker, governor of Arkansas
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 SAE leaders in science
Robert Ballard, oceanographer and captain of the crew that found the Titanic
Robert Goddard, physicist and Father of the modern rocket
Jim Montgomery, physician for the 1992 US Summer Olympic Team
Jim Puffer, chief physician for the 1988 Summer Olympic Team
Joseph Strauss, engineer and designer of the Golden Gate Bridge
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 SAE leaders in sports
Andy Bean, professional golfer
Scott Boras, sports agent
Mack Brown, head coach at North Carolina State University
Avery Brundage, president of the International Olympic Commitee
Ken Caminiti, professional baseball player
Pete Carroll, coach of the New York Jets
Dennis Erickson, head football coach for the Seattle Seahawks
Bumby Frazier, president of the United States Tennis Association
Bill Freehan, professional baseball player
Mike Gminski, professional basketball player
Brian, Goodell, Olympic gold medalist
Kevin Grevey, professional basketball player
Judd Heathcote, head basketball coach at Michigan State University
John Hencken, Olympic gold medalist
Phil Jackson, head coach of the Chicago Bulls
Bobby Jones, professional golfer
Max Knake, professional football player
Pete Maravich, professional basketball player
Kevin S. McClatchy, owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates
Patrick McEnroe, professional tennis player
Jack Mills, sports agent
Bob Murphy, professional golfer
Don Nehlen, head football coach at West Virginia University
Craig Nettles, professional baseball player
John Offerdahl, professional football player
Gregg Olson, professional baseball player
Tom Purtzer, professional golpher
Bob "Buck" Rodgers, professional baseball manager
Glenn Schembelcher, head football coach at the University of Michigan
Brad Schumacher, Olympic Gold Medalist
Taylor Smith, president of the Atlanta Falcons
Bob Stull, college football coach
Fran Tarkenton, Hall-of-Fame football player
Walt Terrell, professional baseball player
David Treadwell, professional football player
Dick Van Arsdale, professional basketball player
Tom Van Arsdale, professional basketball player
William T. Young, Kentucky Derby winning breeder
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